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"Though many experts tout the benefits of universal design to the aging population, the idea has yet to catch on with home buyers and builders. Universal design allows home owners to stay put as they age with the help of wider doorways, stairless entries, low light switches, graded levels and door levers instead of knobs."

"Experts are calling for a campaign to educate the public about universal design, particularly how the features can blend in with the home and benefit people of all ages and physical conditions. For instance, low sinks make it easier for children to reach the faucets and wider doorways can accommodate both strollers and wheelchairs."

"Take away the stigma and what you've got is convenience," remarks Diane Miller, Executive Director of Welcome, House of Modification Examples Inc. Since builders cater to demand, Leslie Marks of NAHB's Seniors Housing Council says that public education is crucial to the movement's success."  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Michele Derus

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