Cooking In The Kitchen . . .



The open concept kitchen, measuring 15 x 18 feet, was made possible by a donation from the R. Douglas and Sharon Ziegler Family. Varied counter heights are at 29, 34, 36 and 42 inches above the Konetco floor.

Open shelves of kitchen

The kitchen offers easy access with a sliding pantry drawer, a pull-down shelf unit and under counter cabinets on wheels.



Kitchen counter area

Velux USA skylights provide both light and ventilation. An open concept design creates a user-friendly kitchen for the whole family - whether the cooks are tall, short, standing or seated.



Breakfast (or any meal) is effortlessly prepared at a
29-inch high counter. The shallow (just 2 inches) Undertone Prep sink and side mounted Essex faucet from Kohler provide roll-under space for seated cooks.

Pull up sink and work area easy access cook top







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