Kitchen Accessibility . . .



cooktop and counter of kitchen

A wide-open floor plan allows easy maneuvering from one area to the next. An energy saving Induction heat cook top is set into a counter top 29 inches above the floor. The GE dishwasher was raised 8 inches above the floor, making it easier for everyone to load and unload.


Pull out drawers in kitchen

No problem opening drawers in a kitchen with a dozen different styles of pulls. Switches mounted on the counter front operate the fan and lights on the Broan range hood.



Easy kitchen cart

Design a portable cart (the wheels lock) to meet your precise needs; Notice the top shelf with a cutout to hold a mixing bowl; pull-out shelf holds the toaster oven. The side-mounted cutting board is hinged, so it can be folded down when not in use. This adaptation is a simple solution for creating accessible kitchen space.



Island of storage

A microwave oven is located in an alcove in one end of the island.  The 42-inch high counter top was created by raising the dishwasher. The recessed cutting board is multi-functional providing a place to set hot dishes, a workstation for kids, as well as preventing spilled food from landing in the lap of someone seated.


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